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Xe tải 5 chân 25 tấn Daewoo Prima

Mã sản phẩm: 5 chan prima
Danh mục: 


Dimensions (mm)          
OL Overall length     12,820
OW Overall width     2,490
OH Overall height     3,555
FR Tread - front     2,165
RT Tread - rear     1,850
WB Wheelbase     8,100
AF Rear axle to frame     2,435
GR Ground to roof     3,445
R Frame-height at rear axle     1,100
CI Cab rear to intake duct     1,020
CA  Usable cab to axle      6,405 
OS  Rear unit offset      1,725 
GD  Ground to deck floor      1,420 
GC  Min. ground clearance      255 
  Max. cab tilting angle      65 
  Deck inside length      10,100 
  Deck inside width      2,350 
  Deck inside height      450 
Model     DV11s
Type  Wastegate turbo intercooler, diesel engine 
Max. Power  440ps (324kw)/ 1,900rpm 
Max. Torque  205kg.m (2,011N.m)/ 1,200rpm 
No. of cylinder  V-6 cylinders 
Bore x Stroke  128 x 142 (mm) 
Displacement       10,964 (cc)
Controller type      Electronic 
Injection type      Common rail 
Cooling   Water cooled with visctronic fan
Oil grade, volume   ACEA-E5, 35 
Air cleaner    Dry paper elements 
Number of oil filters    2, element type 


Transmission  ZF16S2220TO 
Model  SAE30, 11  
Oil Grade, volume  Manual F16/R2, All synchronizer 
1 st       13.80 / 11.54
2 nd       9.49 / 7.93
3 rd       6.53 / 5.46
4th         4.57 / 3.82
5 th         3.02 / 2.53
6 th         2.08 / 1.74
7 th         1.43 / 1.20
8 th         1.00 / 0.84
Reverse  12.92 / 10.80 
Axles  Reverse elliot "I" beam, Capacity : 14,200 kg 
Front  Banjo single reduction and differential lock 
Rear  between axles. 
    Final drive ratio   3.909
    Capacity   26,000 kg
Pusher Capacity   9,000 kg
Oil Grade, Volume   GL-5, 21.5 
Max. speed(km/h)        
Max. grade ability(%)          36.2 
Engine RPM @ 90km/h          1, 480 
Min. turning radius (m)          11.9 
Front Type Parabolic spring with shock absorber, stabilizer
  Number, Size (L x W)    2 ea, 1,900x100(mm) 
            2 ea, 1,750x100(mm) 
Rear Type Parabolic spring with shock absorber, stabilizer
  Number, Size (L x W)  4 ea, 1,620x90(mm) 
Frame  Ladder type, Single channel 
Type  320x90x8 
Size (HxWxt)  850 
Width at frame rear  High-strength steel 
Material  Full Air Brake. Dual circuit, ABS&ASR 
Brakes  410 mm 
Drum diameter               
  Lining Front       414x178mm
    Rear       414x203mm
  Material           Non-Asbestos
Parking  Acting on spring actuator at rear wheels 
Auxiliary  Engine brake 
Air tanks  142(30+30+30+30+22) 
Clutch  Hydraulic control with air assisted 
Type  Dry single plate with diaphram 
Plate diameter                 
Steering      Out side diameter : 430mm 
Driving position      Left-hand drive 
Type       Recirculating ball with integral
          Power assisted by oil
Steering column       Tilt & telescopic
Steering wheel     2-spoke wheel with horn button
Max. wheel lock angle       43
Steering wheel diameter       470mm
Fuel Tank             
Capacity, Material             
Electrical System             
Batteries         12 volt-150Ahx2
Alternator         24 volt / 60 amp
Starter         24 volt / 6.0kW